Reminder to not block bike lanes, sidewalks, and other restricted areas

A routine safety review of vehicular movement on campus by the Office of Business Affairs has revealed an increase in vehicles temporarily parking on sidewalks, bike lanes, and otherwise restricted areas.

This behavior interferes with accessibility for persons with disabilities, pedestrians, and cyclists, in addition to placing their safety at risk. Additionally, improperly parked vehicles may obstruct or delay first responders’ vehicles during an emergency.

While traffic patterns and vehicle restriction changes can be a cause for confusion, we all have a part to play in this process by being mindful of where we park or temporarily stop our vehicles.

Please visit the UF Parking Map and Campus Closures site, which will assist you with making the most informed decisions when traversing the university. Additionally, we encourage you to build in additional time to your travel plans to account for any unforeseen or unexpected traffic changes.

As the semester progresses, the Office of Business Affairs will continue to evaluate vehicular movement on campus to determine what changes may be needed to maintain safety.

Thank you for your efforts in successfully reinstating the vehicle-restricted zone in the heavily pedestrian campus core, as it is among many initiatives aimed at achieving a safer environment for the UF community and visitors alike.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Office of Business Affairs