Next Phase of Safety Enforcement set to begin July 10


Dear UF community,

In March, the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs called on the campus community to avoid parking vehicles in a manner that blocks access to sidewalks and bike lanes or otherwise restricted areas, including grass.

This behavior has been interfering with accessibility for persons with disabilities, pedestrians, and cyclists and risking their safety. Additionally, improperly parked vehicles may obstruct or delay first responders during an emergency.

A recent review of vehicular movement on campus revealed continued violations regarding this matter.

Beginning July 10, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) will place a notice on vehicles owned by the university and departments, not complying with our safety regulations.

This educational period is an opportunity to correct unsafe behaviors.

Beginning July 31, citations will be issued for vehicles violating parking regulations. This extends to university-owned service and delivery vehicles, and golf carts. TAPS will notify departments or colleges connected to the cited vehicle by email. This will document parking offenses and allow departments across campus the opportunity to address these issues internally.

We understand that parking on campus can be a challenge for all, especially hard-working staff providing vital services to our community. To that end, Business Affairs Technical Services created an app to aid internal and external partners in finding parking across campus. Click here to access the app. You also can visit the UF Parking Map and Campus Closures site, which will assist you with making the most informed decisions when traversing the university. Additionally, we encourage you to build in extra time to your travel plans to account for any unforeseen or unexpected traffic changes.

As the summer progresses, we will monitor the situation on campus and take further action during the fall semester, if needed.

Please join us in making our campus safer for our community and visitors.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs