Campus safety resources and improvements

Dear UF community,

As part of our commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe campus environment, we want to remind our community of available resources and recent improvements.

The UF Police and Emergency Management departments offer many tools and resources, including the UF Alert, storm readiness, the GATORSAFE mobile app, and community programs.

The vehicle-restricted zone was reinstated at the beginning of the year to improve pedestrian safety in the academic core of campus, and in the last six months, we have called on the campus community to avoid parking vehicles in a manner that blocks access to sidewalks and bike lanes or otherwise restricted areas, including grass. During the summer, Transportation and Parking Services implemented an enforcement phase for vehicles owned by the university and departments not complying with our safety regulations.

We understand that parking on campus can be a challenge. To aid internal and external partners, Business Affairs Technical Services created an app to assist in finding parking across campus. You also can visit the UF Parking Map and Campus Closures sites, which will assist you with making the most informed decisions when traversing the university.

Our Department of Physical Security also began installing secure-in-place devices in some classrooms and office spaces during the summer, with additional installations planned in the coming months. These devices enhance security by providing a means for students, faculty, and staff in those spaces to secure their areas during an emergency. Last year, UF completed a series of security enhancements on campus including the addition of surveillance cameras and the conversion of 60% of pole-mounted lights to brighter and more energy-efficient LED technology.

Keeping our campus as safe as possible is a collaborative effort that involves each of us. Please join us in doing all you can to make our community safe for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

The Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs