Faculty Member Erin Brewer

Erin Brewer

Insurance and Risk Manager

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Staff Spotlight: Erin Brewer

Environmental Health & Safety

Bio: Erin currently serves as the Insurance and Risk Manager for EH&S. Her journey in the insurance field began as a Casualty Adjuster with Nationwide, where she handled auto accident claims and injury claims. Further expanding her expertise, Erin worked for Kaiser Permanente in California, overseeing benefits accounts for prominent corporations nationwide. Upon returning to Florida, Erin discovered her passion for commercial insurance.

Thriving in the commercial insurance market, Erin garnered extensive expertise in the field. Within the past year, Erin decided to transition into an educational role in Insurance and Risk Management at UF.

What’s an identity you’re proud to share?
“Compassion. The love of putting myself in someone else’s position and to understand what they need and to help them is one of my best traits.”

What does your role entail?
“I provide essential services and coordinate Insurance and Risk Management programs throughout the entire State, which oversees nearly $7 Billion worth of property exposures. I manage various claims, service UF’s insurance policies, streamline, and approve university events. I work with FEMA for UF disaster recovery efforts, and conduct numerous training opportunities for UF employees on insurance and risk topics.”

What is your favorite part about working at UF?
“The community that we share here. I love coming to work every day and learning something new and fascinating.”

Fun fact about you:
“In college, I was a Voice Performance Major and my specialty was opera.”