Elite Gators of Business Affairs

All employees, including leadership, are eligible to be nominated to win an Elite Gator award.

What is the Elite Gator Award?

The Elite Gator award is a monthly award. Business Affairs takes pride in being of service to the University community, acting in a sustainable and safe manner.

Nomination Process

Each unit within Business Affairs will nominate an employee who displays the Business Affairs mission of service, sustainability, and safety every month. Nominations can be completed through the form below.

Nominations will be held in a pool for 3 months. After the three months, the nominations will be discarded. Employees can be nominated more than once within a year, but not more than once within a quarter (3-month period).


A selection committee will choose one Elite Gator every month from the pool of nominations. The winner will receive a commemorative pin, certificate and an invitation to an Elite Gators of Business Affairs banquet with Vice President Curtis Reynolds.