UFPD Awarded Crime Prevention Unit of the Year

Picture (from left to right): Officer Renee Jost, Lt. Jeff Moran, FCPA President Joe Bermudez, Capt. Latrell Simmons, Officer Victor Beguiristain, Volunteer Ryan Pratt, Officer Susan Pratt (Region 4 Representative for FCPA).

This October, the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) was recognized as the Crime Prevention Unit of the Year (Small Agency) at the 2023 Florida Crime Prevention Association (FCPA) award ceremony.  

This award recognizes the special efforts and exceptional accomplishments performed by an agency’s Crime Prevention Unit. UFPD’s Crime Prevention Unit is just one of the great divisions tasked with providing presentations and classes for all groups on campus.  

“Every day we commit to our campus community to be the best that we can be on three levels; reactive measures to crime, commitment to being an equal part of the educational process, and finally the significant effort to provide proactive community policing measures,” said UF Police Chief Linda Stump-Kurnick. “It is quite an honor to be recognized in this way that compares us to our peers.” 



Some of the important programs that were created by members of the department include: 

The Florida Crime Prevention Association (FCPA) is the oldest existing crime prevention association in the United States and has been dedicated to the higher ideals of crime prevention and community safety since 1969.  

This award exemplifies some of the many ways UFPD continues to find innovative methods to educate the public and student community. 

Sgt. Andrew McIntosh displaying 2023 Crime Prevention Unit of the Year Small Agency Award.