Dr. Shailendra Singh will begin working as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) on August 6. EH&S is a department within the Business Affairs. The department focuses on providing a safe and healthy environment for the University of Florida.

Dr. Singh has a Ph.D. in Physical Science, an MBA, a CHMM (Certified Hazardous Material Manager), and over eighteen years of experience in the field, which made him an excellent candidate for the position.

Assistant Vice President of Public and Environmental Safety and Chief of Police, Linda Stump-Kurnick said “Dr. Singh’s credentials speak for itself. He is a continual learner and brings the best to the table.”

He was last employed at Carnegie Mellon University, where he also served as the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. As a University of Florida alumni himself, with thirteen years of experience at the school, he is well known across campus and the greater Gator community.

“I am a proud UF alumni and spent over 14 years at UF; Gainesville is like home for my family. I started my research and EH&S professional career at UF, and after serving at several academic institutions and a BioPharmaceutical industry, it’s an opportunity for me to serve Gator nation. UF is one of the top research institutions, and I want to contribute to this journey by partnering with key stakeholders, strategic leaders, and the researcher community across campus,” said Dr. Singh.

He developed the department of EH&S at Brammer Bio from the ground up, led a team of EH&S experts at the University of Delaware, and led as EHS director at Carnegie Mellon.

When asked what Dr. Singh is most excited about joining UF, he mentioned “I’m looking forward to developing and implementing EH&S strategies and new programs to support the cutting-edge research and technology at UF.”

The University of Florida is pleased to welcome Dr. Singh back to campus this August.

Chief Stump-Kurnick also mentioned “the university community and EH&S is truly grateful for Associate Director, Dennis Fleetwood for assuming the interim Director role when it became vacant amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank him for his guidance and dedication to the university.”