Baseball has long been called “America’s favorite pastime.” Now, gator fans can enjoy a game at the newly renovated Florida Ballpark!

The Florida Ballpark at Alfred A. McKethan Field debuted for the first time this February, when the Gators secured a win against the Miami Hurricanes. The stadium was designed to be more practical, comfortable, and environmentally friendly than its predecessor. As far as Sustainable Building Coordinator Dustin Stephany and Sr. Associate Athletics Director Steven McClain are concerned, the stadium hits a homerun in all these categories.

The new Florida Ballpark is equipped with many new and exciting features. There is plenty of resources for the athletes, including new pitching tunnels and a practice field. Spectators also have many unique ways to enjoy the ballgame. McClain explains, “The design team was intentional at studying seating sight lines at every angle both on the ballpark and towards the scoreboard.” Whether you are watching from the specialty suites, under the shaded seats, or even on the berms in the outfield, you can still experience the joy of the game. The 360-degree concourse allows everyone to stay engaged without missing a minute.

The stadium is as innovative as it is functional. Stephany says that the facility is going through an “alternative green building certification, called Green Globes.” The stadium is slated to become the first sports facility to achieve a 3 Globes rating within the United States. As explained by Stephany, this alternative approach allows for more flexibility and “exposes us to thinking differently about building performance and its impact to people and the environment.” The stadium is also equipped with outdoor LED sports lights, which sustainably illuminates the field for night games.

One factor that stands out in the new Florida Ballpark is the level of comfort. There is plenty of shade for all the seats, plenty of food to eat, and plenty of space to enjoy the game. McClain states, “The seating was comfortable, the sound was clear and crisp, the athletes are talented, and the fans are awesome! Whether a person loves the sport or not, they ought to check out the facility with friends and family as this is an experience you won’t ever forget!”

This season, the Gators finished with a 38-22 record and even made it to the post-season, hosting a regional game in the Florida Ballpark. Next season, UF looks forward to a more crowded stadium to cheer on the Florida Gators!

If interested in visiting the Florida Ballpark, more information can be found on their website