September 17, 2021 – University of Florida Small Business & Supplier Diversity (SBSD) launched digital tools to aid and connect small businesses with potential University opportunities.

Under the leadership of Director Dwan Courtney, SBSD is supporting small and diverse businesses (including women, minority, veteran, service-disabled veteran, HubZone and disadvantaged businesses) and connecting them with UF departments and academic units.

Increasing small and diverse business use across the University is now easier than ever as resources are now available to support this undertaking.

Vice President for Business Affairs, Curtis A. Reynolds said “having the ability to offer resources to small, minority, and locally owned establishments to enhance their entrepreneurial growth will help the greater Gainesville economy. Small Business and Supplier Diversity also built digital tools for the University community to increase their knowledge and awareness of spending within the small, local, and minority owned businesses. This is a phenomenal achievement that will be greatly utilized.”

Digital Tools

 Small Business Database: Small businesses interested in marketing themselves to the university can register for the Small Business Database at the University of Florida. This database is a central location for UF departments who are interested in working with small businesses. Since registrants can upload key information about their business, such as certifications and experience, it will allow UF departments to make an informed decision about working with these firms.

Opportunity Portal: This portal will be a centralized location of opportunities available for small businesses interested in working with UF. UF contractors can send a “Subcontracting Opportunity Form” to invite subcontractors to take part on their respective UF project. UF departments can give a “Small Business Interest Form” to ask for the response of a firm supplying needed services. Also, direct links to key departments and contracted partners on campus with vital information will also be available, which includes:

  • “Schedule of Bids” (UF Procurement)
  • “Current Construction Projects” (UF Planning, Design & Construction),
  • “UF Approved Catering” & “UF Mobile Food Vendor” (UF Business Services)
  • “Local Restaurant Row” (Aramark).

Feedback Tools: To best serve our stakeholders, it is imperative that we get their feedback. UF departments can now send a “Department Feedback Form” to share their experience working with small businesses and how SBSD can be a better resource for their efforts. Small business owners can also share feedback by filling out a “Supplier Feedback Form” to inform SBSD of any challenges and barriers to connecting with the institution. In addition, they can share their business development needs so SBSD can implement programming to support their success on campus.

Every resource directly aligns with the institution’s mission to redouble its efforts with local small businesses and vendor diversity as we look to ensure equal access when competing for procurement and contracting opportunities with the University. Any department in need of assistance with small businesses, please contact us at (352)392-0380 or