The UF Mentor-Protégé Program educates small businesses during all phases of development, helps them network and grow within the university. Mentors consist of mature and established companies that currently work or have recently worked with the institution, whereas proteges are small businesses at various stages in their development, interested in providing their products or services to the institution. The mentors pass on their knowledge through this program to form lasting connections with small businesses and help foster business growth within the Gator Community.  

Businesses interested in participating should apply by October 29th, 2021.   

The Mentor-Protégé Program will run from January to November of 2022. Participants will meet monthly (minimum) with their mentors to discuss areas of interest for the protege’s mentorship needs. It is a personalized course that strives to help small businesses succeed.   

A structured curriculum will accompany the personalized monthly meetings with mentors. The course is comprised of modules and divided into two tracks focused on both construction-related and non-construction-related firms. Various UF departments and community partners facilitate these modules, which contains 2-4 workshops that offer unique advice on how to develop a business successfully.   

Dwan Courtney states, “This is a great service for established firms who have experience working with the institution, to give back. And the perfect opportunity for small businesses interested in being successful at UF to connect with these amazing mentors!”  

The program has been around for twenty-seven years and has successfully guided small businesses towards success. If you wish to participate, please visit the respective links for additional information. Program application deadline is Friday, October 29th.   

 Mentors interested in applying, can find additional details here. 

Proteges interested in applying, can find additional details here.