Deployment of Bleeding Control Kits

With an eye toward the continuing safety of the University of Florida campus; the UF Department of Public Safety, with support from the Student Government, has begun a phased deployment of bleeding control kits. The purpose of these kits is to provide easily accessible, life-saving equipment in the case of an extraordinary medical emergency.

The bleeding control kits serve to combat life threatening bleeds and traumatic injuries. The equipment provided consists of a SOFTT-W Tourniquet, a trauma pressure bandage, medical tape, Personal Protective Equipment, emergency blanket, and an instruction card. The equipment is non-expiring, allowing longevity. The equipment load out was determined by EMT’s and an emergency medical physician.

The Bleeding Control Kit program will be managed by the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit (GEMRU), which is a volunteer EMS agency working under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety. GEMRU Assistant Director Dawson Cowen has been an integral part of the planning process and will oversee the initial deployment and the first phase of the program. Assistant Director Cowen will provide training, free of charge, to the University of Florida campus community on dates to be determined.

During this first deployment, the kits will be placed in AED boxes at the following locations:

  • The HUB
  • Broward & Gator Corner Dining Centers
  • Heavener Hall
  • Norman Hall
  • Florida Gym
  • Peabody Hall
  • Newell Hall
  • Criser Hall
  • Powell Hall
  • Cypress Hall
  • Fifield Hall
  • Southwest Recreation
  • Holland Law School
  • HPNP Building
  • McCarty Halls A&D
  • Reitz Union
  • Library West
  • Marston Science Library
  • Emerson Alumni Hall
  • Tigert Hall
  • The University Auditorium
  • Phillips Center
  • Stephen C. O’Connell Center

Please notify UFPD at 352-392-1111 or email us at if a kit is opened or used so that it can be replaced. For questions regarding information contained in this release, please contact Officer Scott Silver at (352) 392-1114. Officer Silver may also be reached via e-mail at or visit the University of Florida Police Department webpage at

Released by: Sergeant Tim Peck, Community Services Division
Reviewed by: Major Brad Barber, UFPD Assistant Director
Number: 18-13

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