Do you study or work alone often? Then this new safety feature is for you


A new feature in the GatorSafe app will increase the security of those whose studies or duties are often performed in isolation.  

The University of Florida recently added the “Work/Study Alone” feature to the GatorSafe app. The feature generates a call to an emergency contact of choice if the user fails to check in within the allotted time. This addition to the GatorSafe app is part of the university’s commitment to addressing the the campus community’s safety.  

“Work/Study Alone” may be used on or off campus — and by anyone who downloads the GatorSafe app. A GatorOne ID is not needed to log in and register. 

The feature has to be activated to be used. Once a session is initiated, the feature will periodically send the user a notification asking for a check-in. If a user fails to respond within five minutes, the feature will call the number of the person listed as the emergency contact.  

Unlike other services that require the user to remain engaged throughout periods of isolation, “Work/Study Alone” ensures that someone will be notified even when the user is incapable, said Ed Posey, associate director of administrative services at the University of Florida Police Department.  

“Not only is this feature a great tool for those who are safe minded, it can be a life saver for those who work in solitary conditions with hazardous chemicals or for those who suffer from health conditions that can leave them incapacitated,” he added.  

To use the feature, users must load the GatorSafe app and select the tab titled “Work/Study Alone.” Then, they must follow the steps to initiate a session, which includes entering the phone number of the person the user prefers to list as the emergency contact.  

The person listed as the emergency contact for the session can be anyone — from a friend to a colleague or a boss — and does not have to be on campus. However, the contact should have an awareness of the users’ whereabouts in case of an emergency.   

The “Work/Study Alone” is part of a roster of safety-related tools available through the GatorSafe app for the campus community, which include “Friend Walk,” a feature that allows friends to track a phone’s location during a walk.  

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