Business Affairs Welcomes New Senior Director of TAPS

William MacDonald has been named as the new Senior Director of Transportation and Parking at the University of Florida. His journey in leading transportation and parking operations reached a pinnacle at Denver International Airport, where he managed the world’s largest airport parking operation. He was responsible for over 53,000 parking spaces there, generating more than $230 million in annual revenue. He led a comprehensive transportation service, facilitating over eight million passenger movements annually across the airport’s vast 53-square-mile campus with a fleet of over 60 transit-style buses.

“I am excited to lead the University of Florida’s Transportation and Parking Services. I aim to provide UF students, faculty, and staff with cutting-edge, innovative transportation and parking solutions that reflect the university’s commitment to excellence.”

MacDonald’s expertise is a product of his diverse background and extensive experience. He has held critical roles with the Department of Transportation in Pasadena, California, and has honed his parking and transportation management skills in the private sector. His foundational leadership and operational skills were significantly shaped by his time in the US Army and as a government contractor, demonstrating his adaptability and readiness for the new role.

After serving overseas, MacDonald attended the University of Central Florida for a period, where he furthered his education and later continued his industry-specific learning by earning several industry-leading certifications, such as Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP), Parksmart Advisor, and Certified Parking Professional (CPP). Beyond his professional accomplishments, MacDonald is fluent in Spanish because of his extensive travels throughout Central and South America. He is also a Florida native passionate about the beach and boating and an avid Miami Dolphins fan.

With a formidable blend of operational expertise, leadership skills, and a personal commitment to excellence, MacDonald is uniquely equipped to spearhead innovative initiatives at the University of Florida and advance the institution’s transportation and parking services.

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