Carlos Dougnac, Executive Director

Carlos Dougnac is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Architecture and is a Florida registered architect and state certified general contractor. He was in private practice for 25 years offering design-build services on a variety of building types before joining the staff at Miami Dade College in 2007, where he directed the implementation of their capital improvement plan and college-wide design as AVP of Design and Construction and College Architect. He joined the staff of the University of Delaware in 2013, where he directed major and special projects before being named Assistant Vice President in charge of Planning, Design and Construction at the University of Florida in 2015. Mr. Dougnac is a LEED Accredited Professional and commenced graduate studies at the University of Delaware Lerner School of Business. Carlos and his wife Raquel, also an architect, have a daughter who is a practicing attorney and a son who is a musician and Fine Arts major.

Executive Assistant I: Cherrie Bell